Slightly off the knitting track

Well as much as I would like to say I have been knitting feverishly since my last post, I am sorry to say I have not knitted a single stitch. I have been quite crafty though! I make unique character cakes for my son's birthdays. Well the tradition truly started with my brother when he was little and has now carried on to my son. So without further ado, here the pics of the cake that only took me 4 hours verses the normal 8-10 to make. Can you guess who it is?

It's Mickey Mouse!

The pic below is the mini Mickey Mouse cake I made for my son to smash is face into, and he did a spectacular job of getting it all over his face.

As you can see I have been exercising my crafty muscles in other ways. Now back to knitting!


cher said...

What great cakes! Can I put it an order for a Hannah Montana Rock Star cake? I'll just need it delivered to the bowling alley this Sunday! Hee Hee!

laurie said...

I can attest to the readers of blogs that I saw the son pick up the small individual cake and bite into it like a sandwich, except chocolate was everywhere. Great cake. It took much less time to eat the cake than it took to make it.