Gluten for punishment

I am starting to discover that at some point in his/her knitting adventure each knitter crosses over to the gluten for punishment realm. Knitting with size 2 needles or smaller is just plain BONG KOO KOO! Knitting with this size needle is like knitting with a syringe. As a matter of fact I think I have had larger needles in my arm when I've given blood. Again I say this is just Bong koo koo! Yet we knitters still plug away as if we have been consumed by our project.

The best analogy I can think of is getting a tattoo, one you have one you want another and then another. Again with the needles! Ahhhhh. It must be some twisted brain chemical that is only found in glutens.

Well back to my size 2's.


Drum Roll Please.......

The Gryffindor Berte is complete. Yes it is true I have officially completed my first project.

Thanks to one very savvy Chick at Chicks w/ Sticks this project is complete. If it weren't for her I may have given up. She fixed 5 dropped stitches on the third to the last row.

I also have to give a big plushy Cashmere hug to Libellula. Without her size 7 dpn's I would still be several rows shy of finished.

As you can see the munchkin of the house loves the hat. I guess my next hat will need to be to make him one of his very own.

I hope this hat will bring fun,warm and loving blessings to it's recipient.


The not so dropped stitch

I've been kitting feverishly to get the Beret done by the deadline. Not that I knit slowly but my chances to knit are sometimes few and far between. Everything personal tends to be that way when you're a SAHM of a toddler who has just hit the terrible twos. Anyhow 3 days ago I realized I had dropped a stitch and it took until today to have the enough time, crochet needle handy, and Stitch 'n Bitch book open to the dropped stitch repair page. So I followed the instructions from the book and think "Wahoo I did it now I can continue on." But after I knitted several stitches I realize there is big hole right were I repaired the dropped stitch. So I continue kitting until I get back to the stitch I repaired and drop it, thinking I didn't pick up low enough on the ladder and the stitch is still dropped. This happen about 5 times before it dawns on me that perhaps I am trying to pick up a stitch that was never dropped.

Sure enough the stitch I had stopped on way back when, ended up stretching it self between the needles, undoubtedly from being manipulated by a munchkin or small dog, to mimic a space that looks like a dropped stitch ladder.