Wait what is this a POST! Yes to all my sweat encourager's here is a new post!
I have been very crafty this season and it has felt sooooo good. Crafting (i.e. knitting, sewing, baking) for me is a wonderful balance to everyday life. It may stress me at times because the stitches aren't going right or I baked the cookies too long, but at the end of the craft project I feel so thrilled that I made something and such a peace like I have feed my soul at the same time.
So here is one of the projects that gave me such joy.

I made this for my friend Knit Vicious who is also the organizer for my Chicks with Sticks group. She love skulls and her favorite colors are red and black. As you can see she liked it.


Still Alive!

I am still alive contrary to what may of you may think. I am back to work now and loving what I am doing, but boy does it ever get in the way of knitting and blogging time.

So as for kitting I am still (insert eye roll here) working on "the tie". I have made progress but when you are kitting with syringes it is slow going. My next project is going to be on larger needles and a small project so I feel like I have accomplished more than 3 projects in a year of kitting!

Here is a sneak peek of my next project.

It is called a Luvgun. I know it's felted and to those of you who know me I don't usually like felted things, but this is too cute to pass up for my DH.

If I am lucky I will have it done by Valentine's day.