Can't leave well enough alone

Why is it that I insist on making a simple pattern harder? I started a Simple Baby Bib pattern last night because I was not progressing very quickly on my messenger bag so I thought why not put it down and start something that you can finish in a couple of days. Well that was just too easy. So now I have taken some liberty with the basic pattern and added my own flair. This means counting St and writing down what I did on every row. So this will either be an adorable Bib for my good friend baby or my first dishcloth. Pics will follow soon.


A Whole New Language

Reading a kitting pattern is like reading a foreign language! I bought a book to assist me in decoding and learning this new language, but even it doesn't contain all the pieces of the code. I think I need a different book just to read the "How to read a pattern" section of this book. Is there a Knitting for Dummies book? Yarn size, needle size and length, stitches, cast-ons, gauge, bind-offs. Sometimes these things are abbreviated in a pattern but sometimes not. Ok so learn the abbreviations and you can read the new language right? Not so fast, there are different abbreviations for the same thing! So once I decipher the code and learn how to read a knitting pattern, and I already know English, does this mean I am bi-lingual?


So Many Projects So Few Hands

I am constantly seeing so many wonderful projects each day that I want to start them all. I think I'll start knitting with my feet, that way I can work on two projects at once. And just think of the work out I would get!

I don't foresee this knitting fever breaking anytime soon, so if anyone has a home remedy for knitting fever I would love to hear it.


The Itch to Kint

Lately almost every project I see I want to knit. I am itching to start something new so bad I can hardly control myself. Especially since I got a new knitting book for Mothers Day! I think the only thing that is holding me back is there is not a knitting/yarn shop in my town, well other than Michaels which just doesn't give the warm fuzzies and takes a 1/2 hour of waiting in line just to check out.

So I have decided to approach my projects logically. I first need to knit a really big bag to keep all my kitting projects in. So now the question is which bag to knit, the Monk's Travel Satchel or the Doctor's Bag on page 82 of the Knit 2 Together book?

Now I am off in search of a yarn shop that, hopefully, is not too many towns away.


The cursed knitting project

I started knitting approximately 2 months ago and I am still not yet 1/2 way though my first project. Difficult project you say? Oh no, it is quite a simple scarf(that has been taken out and restarted about 10 times now). I am a perfectionist, but that has not been the ultimate downfall of the project per say. OK well maybe that has a bit to do with it, but it also didn't help that I decided to change knitting styles, yarn, and nettles after the 5th attempt at the project. Well now that I feel much better about letting all of that out I am going to go back and finish untangling my yarn that my little dog decided to use as a toy.


New to the Blogging World

So after much ado, and gentle nudges by my best friend, I have started my Blog. Hope you enjoy the knitting, comedy and drama.