Wild Kingdom

So it all started with the largest Mosquito Eater I have ever seen on the inside of my car windshield. My DH and I tried to shoo him out but he wouldn't leave. We where literally being beat-up by a Mosquito Eater. Finally after opening all the windows and the moon roof and turning on the air full blast did we convince him to leave.

Then the next morning as I sat at the table with my munchkin, while he ate his breakfast before preschool, our dog darted to the back door. I assumed that a bird entered our air space and he was going to go investigate. But then out of the corner of my eye I saw something jump. I thought great the dog is eating a grasshopper and then will get sick all over the carpet. (Because they never get sick on the tile or out side where it is easy to clean up.) To my surprise it was this little guy.

Fortunately our fearless defender here did not like the taste of our new visitor.

"I am Claymore I defend against Flies, Moths, and Tree Frogs!"

So as Claymore tried to get the frog taste out of his mouth I put him behind the safety gate and woke up my DH so he could do frog patrol while I wrangled the toddler and dog.

That same day I came home to find 18 to 20 birds on my front lawn. It was a seen right out of the movie The Birds.

Later that evening the little Tree Frog came back to the door and hopped in when we opened it. He must have been given the wrong address because I already have my little Prince and my handsome Knight in Shining Armor too.

P.S. If Tree Frog come back again Michelle says I have to keep him because if a bear comes back for a third time he is killed so keeping him would be better.


Kaparoo said...

So cute! In our house, he would have been kept the first time through (even though our dog would be afraid of him)!

on the wings... said...

I have two resident frogs in my backyard. They thrive in the multitude of pots and foliage, which create an ideal environment of moistness and bug population for survival. However, they know their place and have never ventured into the house.

CelticMommy said...

Just a quick note from your Ravenclaw cheerleader to get your trivia posted for round two of Quidditch! The snitch is going to be released tomorrow morning, so act fast! :-) Thank you! ~Hettie