Lesson learned again!

I had hoped to show some wonderful pics of my resent vacation to the coast. Pics of me knitting by the campfire, pics of toddler chasing the seagulls, pics of toddler covered in dirt, pics of toddler pounding Abalone. You know all the wonderful memories caught in jpeg. Well don't you know the memory card went corrupt on the second day and lost all those wonderful pics as well as the ones I thought I was taking on the third day. Now being a pretty electronic savvy person I know better than to only bring one memory card, but I figured that the memory card that was in the camera had plenty of space on it for the whole vacation so I was good to go. I brought the extra battery! Oh well hopefully Grandma caught some good pics of the munchkin that I can share after we see her next.
Now off to start the size 2 needle project again with the proper weight yarn.

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on the wings... said...

So...it's been a week girlfriend...where are the pic's? Show the work! Miss visiting with you this week. See you next.