Gluten for punishment

I am starting to discover that at some point in his/her knitting adventure each knitter crosses over to the gluten for punishment realm. Knitting with size 2 needles or smaller is just plain BONG KOO KOO! Knitting with this size needle is like knitting with a syringe. As a matter of fact I think I have had larger needles in my arm when I've given blood. Again I say this is just Bong koo koo! Yet we knitters still plug away as if we have been consumed by our project.

The best analogy I can think of is getting a tattoo, one you have one you want another and then another. Again with the needles! Ahhhhh. It must be some twisted brain chemical that is only found in glutens.

Well back to my size 2's.


Michelle said...

Bwah-ha-haaa! I was going to leave a meaningful and encouraging comment but I can't stop laughing!

cher said...

This is not the encouragement I needed as I am about to embark on a few pairs of socks. That Lord knows with my gauge issues, will need to be knit on 0 or maybe 00's. Acckkkk!

on the wings... said...

Knitting with "toothpicks" is a fine dance between an amazing product that all will be envious of and coming away with bandaged hands from the many pokes. Good luck.