What is this......

Yes it is a post from yours truly. I know, I know long time no blog! I have been working crazy hours at work and barley have time to knit let alone blog. Today is a rare few minuets to look at patterns on Ravelry and by some yarn. This is all due to an angel of an mother-in-law who takes my munchkin on long walks to the park.

I am still working on the Luv Gun. I will post picks when it is complete. I am currently purchasing yarn for my next project. Sheldon the Turtle, isn't he sooo cute! I am going to make several with different colored shells.

Hark I hear the munchkin and my Angel of a mother-in-law coming in the door. I am off again to Mommy land.


Janice said...

Glad to see you writing again. I kept checking just to find your same entry.... keep blogging. Think of it as your release of lifes problems. You will feel free to not carry them around any longer.

The Meema said...

That Sheldon is too cute for words!! Will you make me one?? or seven??? You already know my take on the "Luv Gun". . . :p