The Itch to Kint

Lately almost every project I see I want to knit. I am itching to start something new so bad I can hardly control myself. Especially since I got a new knitting book for Mothers Day! I think the only thing that is holding me back is there is not a knitting/yarn shop in my town, well other than Michaels which just doesn't give the warm fuzzies and takes a 1/2 hour of waiting in line just to check out.

So I have decided to approach my projects logically. I first need to knit a really big bag to keep all my kitting projects in. So now the question is which bag to knit, the Monk's Travel Satchel or the Doctor's Bag on page 82 of the Knit 2 Together book?

Now I am off in search of a yarn shop that, hopefully, is not too many towns away.

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Michelle said...

How very conveeeeenient that you will be at Knitique this Friday. You'll be able to buy enough yarn to knit BOTH bags! (I'm not helping, am I?)