The cursed knitting project

I started knitting approximately 2 months ago and I am still not yet 1/2 way though my first project. Difficult project you say? Oh no, it is quite a simple scarf(that has been taken out and restarted about 10 times now). I am a perfectionist, but that has not been the ultimate downfall of the project per say. OK well maybe that has a bit to do with it, but it also didn't help that I decided to change knitting styles, yarn, and nettles after the 5th attempt at the project. Well now that I feel much better about letting all of that out I am going to go back and finish untangling my yarn that my little dog decided to use as a toy.

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cher said...

Maybe it's time to put down that project and start something else? You can always drop the yarn off at my place. I'm sure my husband would love to untangle another yarn ball. Glad to see you blogging!