A Whole New Language

Reading a kitting pattern is like reading a foreign language! I bought a book to assist me in decoding and learning this new language, but even it doesn't contain all the pieces of the code. I think I need a different book just to read the "How to read a pattern" section of this book. Is there a Knitting for Dummies book? Yarn size, needle size and length, stitches, cast-ons, gauge, bind-offs. Sometimes these things are abbreviated in a pattern but sometimes not. Ok so learn the abbreviations and you can read the new language right? Not so fast, there are different abbreviations for the same thing! So once I decipher the code and learn how to read a knitting pattern, and I already know English, does this mean I am bi-lingual?

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cher said...

what book is it?
Do you have the 1st Stitch and Bitch book yet? That book helped me soooo much. Debbie explains all the terms in such a funny way that you'll have a harder time trying to forget what they mean. She also gives instructions for english as well as continental style.