The not so dropped stitch

I've been kitting feverishly to get the Beret done by the deadline. Not that I knit slowly but my chances to knit are sometimes few and far between. Everything personal tends to be that way when you're a SAHM of a toddler who has just hit the terrible twos. Anyhow 3 days ago I realized I had dropped a stitch and it took until today to have the enough time, crochet needle handy, and Stitch 'n Bitch book open to the dropped stitch repair page. So I followed the instructions from the book and think "Wahoo I did it now I can continue on." But after I knitted several stitches I realize there is big hole right were I repaired the dropped stitch. So I continue kitting until I get back to the stitch I repaired and drop it, thinking I didn't pick up low enough on the ladder and the stitch is still dropped. This happen about 5 times before it dawns on me that perhaps I am trying to pick up a stitch that was never dropped.

Sure enough the stitch I had stopped on way back when, ended up stretching it self between the needles, undoubtedly from being manipulated by a munchkin or small dog, to mimic a space that looks like a dropped stitch ladder.

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laurie said...

So funny...sorry. Naps would help but your little bundle doesn't nap anymore.