Drum Roll Please.......

The Gryffindor Berte is complete. Yes it is true I have officially completed my first project.

Thanks to one very savvy Chick at Chicks w/ Sticks this project is complete. If it weren't for her I may have given up. She fixed 5 dropped stitches on the third to the last row.

I also have to give a big plushy Cashmere hug to Libellula. Without her size 7 dpn's I would still be several rows shy of finished.

As you can see the munchkin of the house loves the hat. I guess my next hat will need to be to make him one of his very own.

I hope this hat will bring fun,warm and loving blessings to it's recipient.

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on the wings... said...

Having seen the size of this project, I am surprised the hat didn't go down to the munchkin's shoulders. Congrats on your first project completion.